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About Me

Since I started my career 40 years ago, my dedication to my clients has been unwavering.

I want to continue that by focusing on the usage of Helios consoles built from the late 60’s to the late 70’s. If there still exists an analogue presence on all modern platforms, the Helios console can impact the recording, unlike most return’s consoles engineers will ever use. If you enjoy all of the sounds I have created in the past, then it makes sense for me to want to use the very original models of existing Helios consoles that are still available.

I also with my partner chip Verspyck have designed an amazing compressor titled the vh, which is both of our last names. This compressor along with the Helios I believe can add weight, attack and power to digital mixes as well as being the centrepiece in recording from scratch.

My goal is to offer my knowledge and experience and give you a true analogue sound within the framework of a digital age hopefully for the success of your goals in your music career.

  • Name:Henry Hirsch
  • Mail:henryhirsch@gmail.com
  • Occupation:‭Music Producer
  • ‭Composer
  • ‭Professional Pianist
  • ‭Bass Player
  • Awards:‭Multi-Platinum Awards
  • Copies sold:‭More than 40 million
  • Producing
  • Arranging
  • Composing
  • Recording
  • Analog Mixing
  • Professional Pianist/Bass Player
  • Piano
  • Hammond Organ
  • Bass
My own studios
  • 2008 - 2014

    Waterfront Studios (The Church)

    Hudson, New York
  • 2001 - 2008

    Waterfront Studios (Edison Hotel)

    Manhatten, New York
  • 1985 - 2001

    Waterfront Studios

    Hoboken, New Jersey
Credits include


    Mixing and Mastering Studio in Munich - Germany, centered around a 40-channel type 69 vintage Helios Console and Studer A800 2" 16-Track.

  • Signal Corps Recording

    Recording and Mixing Studio in New York - USA, centered around a 38-channel type 69 vintage Helios Consoles and 3M M56 2" 16-Track."

  • Chip Verspyck

    Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, Chip Verspyck, owner of Tech It Out Inc installs, repairs, builds, and designs audio equipment and systems for the music industry. Together we created the VH compressor.

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