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Since I started my career 40 years ago, my dedication to my clients has been unwavering.

I want to continue that by focusing on the usage of Helios consoles built from the late 60’s to the late 70’s. If there still exists an analogue presence on all modern platforms, the Helios console can impact the recording, unlike most return’s consoles engineers will ever use. If you enjoy all of the sounds I have created in the past, then it makes sense for me to want to use the very original models of existing Helios consoles that are still available.

I also with my partner chip Verspyck have designed an amazing compressor titled the vh, which is both of our last names. This compressor along with the Helios I believe can add weight, attack and power to digital mixes as well as being the centrepiece in recording from scratch.

My goal is to offer my knowledge and experience and give you a true analogue sound within the framework of a digital age hopefully for the success of your goals in your music career.

  • Name:Henry Hirsch
  • Mail:henryhirsch@gmail.com
  • Occupation:‭Music Producer
  • ‭Composer
  • ‭Professional Pianist
  • ‭Bass Player
  • Awards:‭Multi-Platinum Awards
  • Copies sold:‭More than 40 million
  • Producing
  • Arranging
  • Composing
  • Recording
  • Analog Mixing
  • Professional Pianist/Bass Player
  • Piano
  • Hammond Organ
  • Bass
My own studios
  • 2008 - 2014

    Waterfront Studios (The Church)

    Hudson, New York
  • 2001 - 2008

    Waterfront Studios (Edison Hotel)

    Manhatten, New York
  • 1985 - 2001

    Waterfront Studios

    Hoboken, New Jersey

I am currently offering full recording and production services using Signal Corp Recording studios in new york city, as well as mixing recording and mastering for my european clients at Schleiwies Studio in munich germany.

Both studios have 2 of the last remaining Helios recording consoles. The sound that i can achieve on this particular design is of the highest quality. I basically have always been working on tape over the last 40 years, however I want to also take advantage of what good things you can get working in the digital format.First of all there is no real purpose of comparing these recording process’s, as analogue is based on musicians performing there music, while digital recordings are in most cases completely edited together, with drum samples, pitch correct and looping and every plug in creating a sound that has defined music recording for 25 years.

Tape machines are no longer being manufactured, and maintaining them and relying on finding parts with an older recording device is inevitability going to be gone. However it’s not a lost art. I can offer the most carefully recorded high quality performance based recordings onto tape. I also want to stress how important it is to understand why I keep using tape. High quality digital formats are clean and can record completely without noise and with no restrictions on low frequency. It however does not have a strong stereo image, nor is the format really able to clearly be mixed with loss of quality with so many tracks and so many plug ins, that the complication with the electronics are heard especially when the audio is mixed and mastered with high levels of compression and volume. Tape when aligned and correctly working only records music. It has noise, and can be losing its alignment during over a matter of days or even hours, is unstable and needs tape edits to mix and record keeping multiple takes. So there is only one reason to still use it. That is its human.Its just a musician and his talent and a full body of quality sound. So i will be able to create libraries of samples, done on tape and then used on the digital format.

I will also use the Helios console as well as a high quality compressor i have developed with Chip Verspech called the vh.The helios console, depending on the transformers in the signal path can drastically alter the sounds coming from the studio as well as during stem mixing.

With my 40 years of experiences i can create even more original and powerful digital productions by integrating these designs combined with the best plug ins. I will work extremely hard to perfect my recordings until we finnish the work.

I have the ability to offer quality ear based producing, top quality piano, organ and bass, and I can with my skills, comp the most complicated vocal composite by ear.I have a craft that is unique with my musical ability integrated into the producing process. I have played piano professionally for 40 years and i also am a composer and can compose string arrangements as well as capturing all quality orchestral and piano recordings always going to tape. Playing bass is something that i also offer that can be invaluable to singer song writers.

I love hip hop and adore Chopin and the Beatles. I love great edited modern productions, and I also love musicians who have worked their entire life on achieving a high skill level, and will work endlessly and with consideration for all budgets.

I also will do pre production to help focus the whole process.Also if budgets are difficult I can for an inexpensive fee help you with all your mixes over the internet, to give advice on how and what you can do to improve on your mix.

Thanks for coming on to my website,you can hear the podcast talking about Lenny kravitz who I worked with for 25 years. He and I created beautiful recordings,and I hope to be able to offer to you that same degree of detail and power in your music.

Credits include


    Mixing and Mastering Studio in Munich - Germany, centered around a 40-channel type 69 vintage Helios Console and Studer A800 2" 16-Track.

  • Signal Corps Recording

    Recording and Mixing Studio in New York - USA, centered around a 38-channel type 69 vintage Helios Consoles and 3M M56 2" 16-Track."

  • Chip Verspyck

    Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, Chip Verspyck, owner of Tech It Out Inc installs, repairs, builds, and designs audio equipment and systems for the music industry. Together we created the VH compressor.

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